Watch: ‘India ke Hunger ki Bajao’ with Ranveer Singh

Bollywood brat Ranveer Singh is known for his quirky behavior. The actor was recently spotted asking all and sundry to shell 750 bucks. Now why would an actor who is earning in crores ask people for a few hundreds. Well it was not for himself that the ‘Bajrao Mastani’ actor was asking for money, it was for a midday meal for some street children.

Ranveer Singh is now associated with an NGO called Akshay Patra which arrange mid-day meals for kids in more than 10,000 school all across the country. He was shooting for an advertisement for the mid-day meal drive that he is associated with. Amongst all those kids Ranveer was seen having the time of his life, clicking selfies with them, braiding the hair of a little girl, playing with them and more such wonderful moments.

Ranveer was so down to earth with those children that it was truly heart-warming. Check Out Ranveer Singh asking everyone to shell money for these children in the video.