WATCH: Karan Johar opens up about his ’Hichki’, the time when he was called ‘pansy’

After Shah Rukh Khan, Anil Kapoor and Katrina Kaif, today filmmaker Karan Johar has opened up about the ’Hichki’ he has suffered in his life. Following the promotions of Rani Mukerji‘s comeback film ‘Hichki’, the actress asked her friend about what was his hiccup, the one hurdle that occurred in life for him. He revealed that when he was a child he had a very squeaky voice due to which he used to get teased a lot as well. He went into public speaking for three years. He admitted that today he feels he would not change how he used to sound earlier. He wouldn’t do what he did and he wouldn’t make his children do the same. Watch the video above to get to know about this. (Also Check: Hichki making: Watch as Rani opens up on the syndrome, and hopes the movie brings awareness)