WATCH: Om Puri was murdered by Narendra Modi, claims this Pakistani journalist

Internet is a funny place. There are times it gives you respite from the harsh reality, and then there are times it annoys you with its lack of empathy. Something like latter is what we came across today, when we saw a video of a Pakistani journalist, blatantly claiming that Om Puri did not die of a heart attack. Instead, he was killed by Indian PM Narendra Modi, with the help of two RAW agents.

Sounds ridiculous right? Trust us it will be more bizarre when you will watch it on your screen. This man has taken stupidity to another level with his atrocious statements. What’s more irking is the fact that he is saying all this with so much conviction that a naïve person can believe it easily.

Seriously, it is not without conviction that people say, choose your words wisely. Om sir, we hope your soul rests in peace and such idiotic pieces don’t tarnish your departure from this world.


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