Watch – Pooja Misrra threatens to sue media

Controversial actress cum model Pooja Misrra, is once again in the news. The Bigg Boss contestant is known for her rash behavior and constant fights on the show was recently caught on camera abusing hotel staff. The video of Pooja abusing and hitting out at hotel personnel went viral, no sooner was it uploaded on the social network.

To justify her act, Pooja recently released a statement, “I was tortured by the hotel, with the lights being switched off in my room when media had come to interview me. I was given 500 missed calls in a day on the intercom which when I picked up were hung up on just to irritate me. A staff member even called me and made a life threat.”

Now the lady has decided to sue the media, check out her video below,

A video msg to all who are enquiring about the viral video… Eat this!

Posted by Pooja Misrra on Monday, September 14, 2015