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Watch: Poonam Pandey’s video celebrating Holi in a bikini will make you cringe real bad

Actress Poonam Pandey has never spared a chance to be in limelight and now she has been putting up videos specially for every festival wishing her fans and treating them with skin show. Remember the video ‘Jingle B**bs?’ for Christmas where she was flaunting those assets and how can you forget the Valentine’s Day Special video!

Now, she is back with a Holi special video wishing her fans in advance with exactly what she flaunts all the time, those assets.

So, in the video we see Poonam wearing a white bikini with Holi colours smeared on her body. The video shows the colours being thrown on her body and then they are removed with special effects. Well, we understand the need to stay in the limelight and wish your fans on a festive occasion, but what’s with the excess b**b show? We know that, you’ve got an enviable figure, but why promote it through Indian festivals? We are no religious saints trying to preach what is right or wrong, but flaunting your bod just takes away the essence of the festival.

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