BEHIND THE BLINDS: A producer and a superstar warn this young actress about her filmmaker’s lecherous side

This filmmaker we are talking about has not had a venture for quite a few years. In fact, he was in the hiding for long before the announcement of his next big directorial venture was made. But it seems nothing has changed in the way he functions, even in all these years.

He is infamous in the industry for hitting on women on sets and even trying to molest them, so when his producer-friend who has associated with him on several of his previous projects got him back on board for the franchise, he made a strict diktat – that he will mind his own business and not paint the town red with either his escapades or tall claims. In fact, the superstar who has been an integral part of the whole comic caper series is also a good friend of the producer and the director.

They are all at a foreign location, as you read this, shooting for the film. The film’s main leading lady who has become a big name among the younger crop of actresses, after a big hit last year, has got a statutory Warning from the superstar and the producer who also happens to be her mentor. They have asked her to maintain a safe distance from the director, post-shoot timings and also told her about how he leches at women.

Guess everyone was just hoping he’d mend his ways!

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