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BEHIND THE BLINDS: This ‘new’ couple made ridiculous demands from the organisers of an award show

BEHIND THE BLINDS: Every year, actors take Time Out of their busy schedule to just sit back and relax. And visit a new place, albeit for an awards show. Although this year’s attendance at the same awards night was shocking, with most big A-list actors not present or bowing out at the last minute, the organisers were in for a huge fix, courtesy a star couple.

The new lovebirds in town have been painting the town red with their escapades and thanks to their first film together, which is currently being shot, they happen to grab eyeballs everywhere they go. But more so, because of their affair that’s brewing. We hear the hero and Heroine were supposed to travel together for the awards overseas, but their demands set the organisers into a tizzy. (Also Read: BEHIND THE BLINDS: These two rising actors are deeply in love but are scared to commit)

The hero wanted the biggest presidential suite for himself and not just that, he clearly told the organisers that his ladylove’s room should be connected to his, so that they can catch up behind closed doors, without there being any noise of the same in the media. He also told the organisers that he won’t be available for any activity or event, except the main awards night. Obviously, the event organisers haven’t been able to give into such demands.

The actor then left for the venue Alone and only showed up for the main awards night, sans his ladylove.

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