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Vir Das on marriage : Definitely within a year

In his recent release “Amit Sahni Ki List” Vir Das’ character may have gone through a painful breakup but in real life the actor-comedian is happily settled and says that he may tie the knot soon.

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“I am happy in a relationship with a normal girl called Shivani. She’s an events manager and we’re in a stable relationship. No she doesn’t manage my career. She only manages me at home,” said Virr.

When asked why would he mention her being normal, he said, “Because I consider myself completely abnormal. I think every actor is slightly wacky. Shivani keeps me grounded. She’s my reality check.”

What about wedding plans?

“Not immediately, but soon. Definitely within a year. I am a man who is the happiest when committed in a relationship. We live together. We have a bull dog. And we share a ridiculously happy life together,” he said.

In the film, the protagonist’s painful breakup sequence is based on Virr’s real life experience.

“The breakup in the film is borrowed from my life,” he said.

“It actually happened to me. And by the way that girl who gets turned on by cars… I’ve been with a girl who actually likes it in the car. I put both these personal experiences into the film to give it a touch of realism,” he added.

If the lead character in “Amit Sahni Ki List” has a list of the qualities he wants in his ideal woman, Virr too has a wish list.

“Yes ,I’ve basically four qualities that I look for in my ideal woman. She must laugh at all my jokes, specially the bad jokes. She must be a good eater because being a foodie I don’t like the Caesar salad types.

“She must be a dog lover because I own one and I love him more than I’d probably love her. And if her last name is Mittal or Ambani, I don’t mind,” said the actor.

In the past, Virr did adult comedy “Delhi Belly “, zombie movie “Go Goa Gone” and thriller “Revolver Rani”.

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