Ajay Devgn and wife Kajol, who are on a tour in America to promote Ajay’s upcoming film ‘Shivaay’, went through a not so pleasant experience recently. The Bollywood couple is meeting their fans in their first international tour together called ‘Meet the Devgns’, across cities like New York, Chicago, California, San Jose and a few others. However, things took different turn in California when several fans who came to meet their stars were left fuming. Here’s what happened…


According to a source quoted on an entertainment web portal, “Ajay Devgn and Kajol had a contract with the organisers, where they had promised a press conference along with an hour long meet-and-greet session in each city. The organisers had sold the meet-and-greet tickets at a very high rate and all their American fans were eager to meet Kajol and Ajay. However, during the New York event, Kajol walked out of the meet-and-greet after a few minutes. She told that she was not well and didn’t even pose for pictures with the fans. Ajay too followed suit and the organiser had to refund the tickets. The fans slammed them and abused the stars as they were leaving too.”

After this episode in New York, things turned uglier in California. A disappointed guest at the party was quoted saying, “The meet-and-greet was a very bad experience for us. While Ajay came to meet us for a while, Kajol did not appear at all. After talking with us for a few minutes, he told that Kajol was not well and left. The organisers had to cancel the event and while they offered to return their money, the fans were enraged. Obviously we were upset, but a few guests crossed the line. The organisers were beaten up even though it was Ajay and Kajol’s fault.”

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