Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna visit the hospital amidst Coronavirus lockdown- watch video

Image Source - Instagram

Coronavirus has spread all over the world and in order to curb it, India is under 21-days of lockdown according to the orders by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The streets are empty and people are refraining from venturing out unless in dire need. Amidst this, Akshay Kumar and wife Twinkle Khanna recently sent alarm bells blaring all over the internet when Twinkle posted a video of her ride to the hospital.

Twinkle took to her Instagram to share a video today of herself with hubby Akshay in the car as they were on their way back from the hospital. Well looking at this netizens were quick to jump to the conclusion that either of them was having Coronavirus, but, Twinkle clarified in the video that it is not COVID-19 but a broken foot; the reason behind the hospital run.

In the video, Twinkle is heard saying, “It is 10:31 am on a Sunday morning and the roads are deserted, except for pigeons and crows – who’s left these wonderful gifts for us on our windscreen. Here’s my driver all the way from Chandni Chowk (camera moves to a masked Akshay for a bit). We are on our way back from the hospital.” She added, “Nope! I don’t have the coronavirus. People go to the hospital for many things, including, like me, for being unusually clumsy. So, this Sunday, my husband’s pocket is lighter, our hearts have never been more full and my foot is bloody broken. A happy Sunday to you as well,” she signed off.

The caption of the video read, “Deserted roads all the way back from the hospital. Please don’t be alarmed, I am not about to Kick the bucket because I really can’t kick anything at all! #sundayshenanigans(sic)

Well, we hope Twinkle has a speedy recovery.

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