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Akshay Oberoi may not have been a considerable superstar but he is someone who has worked continuously and given some of the most amazing content-driven projects. Whether it’s on films or on OTT, he has always given his fans something to cherish always. Now, with his latest project ‘Flesh’ doing wonders online and his negative character being appreciated, it was but obvious to ask Akshay about whether or not online censorship is a good thing.


Akshay Oberoi recently spoke to Bollywood Bubble about this taboo topic. Have a look at what he had to say:

Akshay said, “I am not one for censorship of any kind. I am an artiste, and if somebody starts censoring me or my work or the kind of things I can do on screen, then I would be very upset about it. For example, in ‘Flesh’ I’ve done things which, if it was a movie, you could have never been able to show them. The Censor Board has certain responsibilities. That’s why I prefer the web as it gives you full freedom to do what you want.

Prodded further about the misuse of social media and the online platform, Akshay said, “People continue to misuse, as they are currently doing it. Right now I feel the internet is just filled with trolls. Trust me, if this (misuse) is not controlled, then in some time, there will be censorship on the Internet and how we use it. If we care about our rights and want to continue using the freedom of the internet as we do now, so I think as a society we need to quickly start being responsible about the way we treat others and what information we put out there, because it’s starting to be a bit annoying now.

We must say, it had to be said, and Akshay has put the right words to it.

Trolling is an evil which needs to be curbed, and it has to come from with the change of mindset of the people. If people continue to troll and misuse the internet, very soon, there might be laws trying to curb the way we use the freedom of the Internet in our country. Let’s hope people rectify and we continue to enjoy the boon of the Internet the way it was supposed to be enjoyed – with freedom.

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