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Actor Akshay Oberoi who is a cousin to Vivek Oberoi reveals he doesn’t share a close bond with the Oberois. During an interview with Bollywood Bubble, Akshay was asked how life has been for him after the success of Fighter and The Broken News season 2. He was also about the successful life of the Oberois after the success of the Indian Police Force and Animal. Speaking about that, Akshay revealed that he is unfortunately not close with his cousin Vivek and uncle Suresh. Moreover, he even mentioned how they don’t meet so often.

Akshay Oberoi on his bond with the Oberois

The Fighter actor exclusively told us, “Unfortunately, we don’t meet that often, we are not that close. I mean like families are like families. If things were in my control then things would have been different. I don’t have that kind of say and I don’t know how they are feeling about me or themselves. I’m very happy for them, I think both are great actors and I’m very happy for me. I’m happy that we have stuck it out for all these years and I have got a little bit of the dues and I hope for more.

He even spoke about the success post Fighter and craves more of it. “All Fighter has done is make me taste blood, I want more of it. I tasted commercial success for the first time in a decade-plus years and I love the feeling of it. I love walking in the streets and someone saying, ‘Oh Basheer, how are you?’ or ‘What’s up Bash?’ It feels really nice and I want more of it,” he told us.

Akshay is now gearing up for the release of Illegal season 3 with Neha Sharma.

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