Luviena Lodh and Amyra Dastur
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Actress Luviena Lodh recently made some serious allegations on filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt. She accused him and his family of harassing her. Luviena also claimed that her husband Sumit Sabharwal supplies drugs to actors like Amyra Dastur and Sapna Pabbi and several others. And it was due to this reason that she filed for divorce with Sumit.

Now reacting on Luviena’s claims, Amyra Dastur’s lawyer Saveena Badi Sachar has released a statement. Amyra’s advocate had called the claims of Luviena to be ‘false, unfounded and malicious’. Read on to know the details.


Yesterday, sharing a video message on her Instagram handle, Luviena said, “I have filed a divorce case against my husband (Sumit Sabharwal) as I got to know that he supplies drugs to actors like Amyra Dastur and Sapna Pabbi. He has pictures of several actresses on his phone, which he shows to different directors. Mahesh Bhatt is well aware of everything. He is the ‘biggest don’ in the industry. He operates the entire system in the industry. If you don’t play by their rules, they wreak havoc in your life.”


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Now reacting to Luviena’s claims, Amyra’s lawyer released a statement that reads, “Our client completely refuses all such statements referring to her vide the said video as being completely false, unfounded and malicious and further reserves her right to seek all remedies available to her in law and equity. Our client also states that it is very unfortunate when individuals resort to such unfounded attacks and condemns the same.”

Amyra’s lawyer even stated that the video was ‘published with an aim to defame and cause harm, injury and damage to her client’s reputation.’ Meanwhile, Mahesh Bhatt’s lawyer has also said that they will be taking legal action against Luviena for defaming his name and making false accusations.

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