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Director Mahesh Bhatt gets candid about his life during the latest episode of the uncut version of The Invincibles on Bollywood Bubble. He takes us through his journey of starting from zero, his first income, and how he had a troubled childhood. He also recalls being a rebel and how he was dropped out of college. That’s not it. Mahesh Bhatt also spoke about his love story with his second wife Soni Razdan and how she brought sanity into his life after traumatic relationships.

Mahesh Bhatt speaks about his love story

Soni happened to me and I resisted but I was drawn into this relationship and helplessly drawn.” When asked if he met Soni Razdan during the making of Saaransh. Bhatt said, “No, but in Saaransh, the relationship bloomed. She was the sanest person who came into my life. She could contain and absorb my insanity.

Reveals how Raaz’s iconic dialogue was given from their story

Remember Raaz iconic dialogue, “Mere itne kareeb mat aao, main tumhe barbaad kar dungi. Main barbaad hona chahta hu.” Well, you will be delighted to know that the dialogue was told to Soni during the start of their relationship.

I came from the US and I was in awe of her because even right now you’re very in awe of her. She was lovely. whenever you fall in love you always feel you’re Unworthy of the person whom you’re in love with so I asked how do I become worthy of her so I wore shoes and I felt so uncomfortable and she looked at me and that made me more even more uncomfortable and I remember we were sitting down in a hotel in Worli and I told her I said don’t come very close to me I’ll destroy you. that’s a dialogue we use in Raaz and she said I want to be destroyed and that was the rest of history. But I told her I would never leave her,” the Sadak director further added.

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Soni Razdan married Mahesh Bhatt on 20 April 1986. Bhatt did not want to divorce his first wife, so he and Razdan converted to Islam before marriage and held a very private nikaah ceremony. Mahesh and Soni have two kids – Shaheen Bhatt and Alia Bhatt. She is a step mother of Pooja Bhatt and Rahul Bhatt.

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