Here’s why Anil Kapoor said no to ‘Chandni’ which also starred Sridevi

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Anil Kapoor is one actor who has been vocal about the kind of roles he wanted to play in the past and the kind of roles he wants in the future too. He has given us a number of movies which can be seen on repeat but he has also let go of roles because he had some solid reasons for it. Anil could have been a part of ‘Chandni’ which also starred Sridevi but he let go of the film because he would be sitting on a wheelchair in half of the film.

Anil Kapoor was offered a role by Yash Chopra in ‘Chandni’, which eventually went to Rishi Kapoor, but he didn’t accept it. In an interview with Mid-Day, he revealed the reason and said that he didn’t want to sit in a wheelchair. “You see in the second half of the film, the character that the actor was offered becomes paraplegic,” he said.

Anil then said, “I was just not in a frame of mind to sit in a wheelchair through an entire film. I was, in fact, one of the first people to call Yashji and tell him, ‘Picture hit hai!’ He couldn’t believe it. I had done two films (‘Mashaal’, ‘Vijay’) with him, and both hadn’t done well.”

Anil’s reason for rejecting the film had a personal connection too, somewhere. “I’d had an accident, and was bedridden, nursing my leg, for two-and-half months. It was a turning point in my life. I was running fast, but going nowhere. I just wanted films, one after other – doing films that I didn’t care much for,” the jhakkas actor said.

Now that reason is completely justified.

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