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Anu Aggarwal and Rahul Roy became overnight sensations with the film ‘Aashiqui’. Rahul even appeared in ‘Bigg Boss’ Season 1 and he bagged the trophy. During our recent interaction with Anu Aggarwal, we asked the actress if she would love to participate in the show if she is offered in the future. To which she said, “We were in the same film but I left but he made whatever choices he did. And maybe it didn’t work out very well. But as far as ‘Bigg Boss’ is concerned, they have been coming to me and asking to join the show and I declined because ‘how can you put me in a room’ (she laughs). I won’t be able to see the sun for one month. So, it is out of question. But who knows. Aage ki kisne dekhi hain.”


When we asked her if she will ever act, she said she is a born actor and loves acting. She said it is the most natural and deepest thing she can do. “I left movies because of the business and the way it was. Also, there was a lack of really amazing directors. I did some amazing works with some great directors and there was hardly anybody more at that time. In every movie, the roles were created for me. I have been always choosy about what I do, but if there is something worth it and amazing, then why not.”

You can watch the interview here.

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