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Punjabi singers are making India proud at the much-loved Coachella music festival. While Diljit Dosanjh made history last year by performing at the annual music and arts festival held in the Coachella Valley last year, this year AP Dhillon put on an electrifying act for all those in attendance. Videos of the ‘Brown Munde’ singer from the festival are now going viral. Unfortunately, it isn’t for a good reason. 

Scroll below to check out the video and know what fans have to say

A couple of hours ago, AP Dhillon took to his official Instagram handle and shared a video of his performance. He captioned the performance video – which also featured background dancers, “Brown Munde have left the dessert (sic).” 

The clip begins with Dhillon strumming the electric guitar before he unleashes the beast within and smashes the instrument to pieces. This act has rubbed fans the round way and many took to social media – especially the comments section of the artist’s post to share their dismay.

Check out AP Dhillon’s Coachella performance here:

Commenting on the stunt, one netizen wrote, “Respect the things which brought you to this stage, It’s completely your and your loss.” Another – also unhappy with the incident, added, “And you think doing this looked good?” A third exclaimed, “Why just why did you have to do that!” One more added, “That is what makes Diljit different from others.” 

Some more comments slamming AP Dhillon for breaking his guitar at Coachella read, “Nigga trying to be a cool So I wanna tell you no you aren’t you’re just overrated @gurindergill96 he’s the best artist.” Another comment read, “Frustration me guitar Tod dia..!! Crowd nahi hoga.”  

AP Dhillon’s Coachella performance is also making the news as the words “Justice for Sidhu Moosewalla” were present on screen for all to read. 

What do you think of AP Dhillon’s Coachella performance?

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