EXCLUSIVE: Arbaaz Khan reveals how his son Arhaan Khan helps him shop and dress up

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Arbaaz khan is all set to kickstart the second season of his super successful talk show Pinch from July 21. The show will see some of the fresh set of celebrities this time, including his brother Salman Khan. Ahead of the show, we decided to play a super fun round of Who’s Most Likely To – the Khan-daan edition. From naming the one with the worst shopping sense to the one with the worst relationship advice, from who comes late to a party to who is most active on social media groups, Arbaaz has revealed many family secrets.

When we asked Arbaaz who is likely to rush during the sale, Arbaaz took his name. He added, “For me, I buy the same thing. Like if I buy a black T-shirt, I will buy five of them and you will wonder why am I buying five of them. I just buy the same thing three-four of them. I am a horrible shopper. I don’t like to go shopping myself and have zero understanding of brands and I ask my son (Arhaan) now. He picks up shoes for me(laughs)”.

Arhaan is Arbaaz’s son from his ex-wife Malaika Arora. He turned 18 last year in November. Though Arbaaz and Malaika are divorced now, they still share an amicable relationship.

Arbaaz also said that he had done street shopping in his college days and he is not embarrassed by it as he used to enjoy it and have fun doing all of that.

You can watch the full interview here.

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