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Arbaaz Khan and Sshura Khan are the new favourites of Bollywood. These two recently got married in an intimate Nikah ceremony amidst the presence of the entire Khan family and close friends. In an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, Arbaaz opens up about his fairytale love story, marriage with Sshura Khan and also recalled their first meeting. He also reveals why their relationship remained under wraps for a long time.

Arbaaz Khan on changes in life after marriage

During the chat, the Tere Naam actor shared changes in his life post wedding. “I think I am very happy, settled, calm and focused from the time I started knowing my wife. Things have started changing from the time I was dating her and it has only got better. I have become more confident and sure about myself. Her influence has been very good in my life in many ways.”

Recalls first meeting with Sshura Khan

Recalling their first met, Arbaaz averred, “I met her on the sets of Patna Shukla. She was working as a professional in Raveena Tandon’s team and initially we didn’t interact much. But towards the end of the film when we were celebrating the movie’s completion, I happened to have conversation and meetings with her. After that we started spending time together and that’s when we decided that it’s interesting to know each other. We also shared some interesting common views and values. And milte milte baatein karte karte pyaar hogaya (Eventually we started meeting and fell in love).”

He further added, “Then comes a scenario that what is the future like and what are we looking at. And I was also at the stage where I wanted to drop anchor and I need to settle in my life and if there is going to be a partner. I didn’t want anything frivolous or by the way. And she was in the same space that if this has to go further, it should have some kind of meaning otherwise we are good as friends. So I appreciate you as a human being and you appreciate me and let’s leave it at that.”

Sharing how they decided to get married, he stated, “But then there were so many emotions attached because of which we both decided that we are good to think of a life together. If that would mean then you have to give some kind validation to your relationship. And that comes with you either accepting a relationship like somebody is your girlfriend or then you make it into a marriage. We had come to a stage where I think marriage was an option which we were very keen to take. So it was all jhat mangni pat byah.”

Arbaaz on keeping the relationship Sshura under wraps

Arbaaz also talks about why his relationship was assumed to be under wraps. “The day we decided that this is it, we choose a date and told our families this is what happening and all of them were happy. Few of our close friends were aware of it. Our relationship was not deliberately kept under wraps or anything like that. But it so happened that when we met, we luckily were not papped for that matter though we kept going out at several known places. Once we came out everybody were like when and how did this happened? But the marriage was not a sudden thing. I have known her for almost a year before we took this plunge”, says Arbaaz.

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