Ashvini Yardi opens up on how she managed to convince Masaba and Neena Gupta for ‘Masaba Masaba’

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Showrunner and producer Ashvini Yardi tried something new with the Netflix show ‘Masaba Masaba’. The show has been getting rave reviews for offering a unique concept. We recently interviewed Ashvini where she told that it was not easy for her to convince people and make them understand the concept.

On how she came up with this new concept, Ashvini said, “I was working on a biopic with my team and there were so many restrictions from the family that ‘you can’t shoot this and that’. I was like there isn’t a good story if you can’t show the flaws. But we as a human while going to make a story on someone, we only want to highlight the good points. According to me, that is no craft if there are no bad points. As human beings we all have flaws. Very few have the courage to put out their flaws or mess out there. That’s when the idea came across. What if I make a show where the person plays himself or herself where we can see the person the way they actually are.”

She continued, “I had this idea two years ago who this person could be. I was sure that there is no one in Bollywood. So, I had to take someone who is a celeb but still not part of Bollywood but is in peripheral. I used to follow Masaba on Instagram and if you saw her stories, they are stories by itself.  So, every time I saw her posts, the story started forming in my head. I realised Masaba is the kind of woman I want to make the show on. I wasn’t sure she would want to do something like this. I called her and told her about the show. She loved the idea, understood it and even Neena understood what I was trying to make but others didn’t. I had a tough time after that trying to convince people to make them understand.”

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