‘Masaba Masaba’: Putting her acting genes to the right use, Masaba Gupta leaves the critics impressed

Image Source - Instagram

While many have been a fan of Masaba Gupta the fashion designer, the recently turned actress is having many more join the list of her admirers. With her first-ever acting project premiering on an OTT platform, Masaba Gupta is having lots of praises come her way. Right from the trailer, Masaba’s effortless portrayal left many smitten and while people wanted to explore this actor side of Masaba more, turns out she is a complete delight to watch in Masaba Masaba.

Not just Masaba’s industry friends, but even the critics are hailing the fashion doyenne for telling her story in the most real and candid way. In fact, praising Masaba critics have been saying how she is the real surprise package and has the right amount of eye-rolling and hand-wringing to the cooked up situations. Others have also spoken about how she is so natural and should continue to explore this space more.

Another critic has also lauded her for ailing her debut and has pointed out at how clearly she has exhibited her boredom, vulnerability, emotions, anger, etc in the show. Her chemistry with mother Neena Gupta is also being lauded. And as a reviewer, has rightly put, “If the single aim of Masaba Masaba was to launch her as an actor, it has been achieved.” Well, with such a great start, there is a lot more appreciation in store for Masaba.

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