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Bollywood has delivered a gem of actress and we are speaking of none other than Bipasha Basu. As the actress has given out glittery movies, she was also blessed with a baby girl named Devi last year on 12 November. Along with her husband Karan Singh Grover, the two were beaming with joy with the latest addition to their family.

Yesterday, the actress went live on Instagram with Neha Dhupia and has revealed very crucial information about her daughter and her suffering.

Bipasha Basu reveals her daughter was born with two holes in her heart

Speaking with Neha, she revealed that her daughter Devi was born with two holes in her heart. Not just this, she had to undergo surgery when she was nearly three months old. For natural reasons, the actress broke down as she spoke about this challenging phase of her life.

She added that her motherhood journey has been challenging and has been a lot tougher. She revealed that she got to know about her daughter’s suffering three days after she was born and couldn’t sleep for quite a while.

Bipasha said, “We went through a crazy period. We didn’t discuss this with our family, we both were in a little bit of a blur. We wanted to celebrate but we were a little numb, me and Karan. The first five months have been very difficult for us.” Further, she said that the couple had to do their daughters’ scanning every month to know if it’s healing on its own. “You feel so sad, so burdened and so conflicted, because how can you put a child in open heart surgery? Something natural will happen, and people like us who are believers, we try to manifest it with our thoughts that it will start healing on itself.,” the actress said.

Bipasha added that her daughters’ surgery took place for six hours when she was three months old. She assured that her daugter is doing okay now.

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