Aadesh Shrivastava

Bollywood lost music composer Aadesh Shrivastava to cancer, the untimely death of the composer has numbed all. The Shrivastava family is benumbed by this shocking turn of events, but help has come from a source. Bollywood’s music industry has taken an unanimous decision to financially support Aadesh Shrivastava’s wife and sons.

Sources said, “Vijayatji has gone through a lot. Aadesh’s illness has left her financially disabled. Now that Aadesh is no more she has to make sure their sons get the best possible upbringing and education. On top of that, her elder sister Sulakshana Pandit also stays with Vijayta. So yes, there’s a looming financial crisis in Vijaytaji’s family. Of course, her brothers Mandar, Jatin and Lalit are there to support her. But they have their families and responsibilities. We’ve decided to look after Aadeshji’s family.”


Singer Alka Yagnik confirming the news said, “Yes, the initiative to support the family was taken by some of Aadesh’s well-wishers. Besides some of us – his close friends, the entire music community is going to support and take care of his wife and sons. We have already spoken about this amongst ourselves. And we stand united in this decision.”

We laud this decision taken by the music industry.

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