Kareena Kapoor in blue

Bollywood Fashionista Kareena Kapoor Khan is an angry woman these days. The Diva’s anger is over the promotion of a product by a Pharmaceutical company by using her name illegally. Therefore Bebo has decided to take legal action against the company. Her legal team is set to sue the company for Rs 20 crore.


Sources said, “A Pharmaceutical company was apparently promoting Kareena Kapoor’s name in a bid to sell its weight loss pills. According to the firm, Kareena had used the company’s weight loss pills in order to reduce 13 kilos, and even a website had carried this news. But Kareena was never associated with the company in any way.”

Sources further added, “Kareeena Kapoor who has never promoted crash dieting or weight loss pills, was quite angry when she realized that her name is being used by the company to sell the product. She decided to confront the owner regarding the fake promotions.”

Kareena Kapoor has decided to take legal action against the company, for using her name without her permission to promote its product and also the website for the fake news.

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