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Bollywood superstar Salman Khan who is gearing up for the release of his upcoming film ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’, is being sued to the tune of Rs. 250 crores. The above case has been filed by his once good friend producer Vijay Galani. Vijay Galani is producer of Salman Khan’s film ‘Veer’.

Galani said, “I agreed to give Salman a signing amount of Rs 10 crores for Veer. Besides this amount we agreed that Salman would get Rs. 15 crores if and when there is an ‘overflow’(profits made by the film). Salman completed the film happily. I sold the film to Eros Entertainment. Eros, Salman and I drew up a tri-party agreement that the first overflow amount of Rs. 15 crores would go to Salman. But Salman Khan later sent a legal letter asking for the overflow.”

Galani further added that, “The most interesting thing about this letter was that on the night before I received it I was at Salman’s place laughing and joking as usual. He mentioned that his new business manager was sending me a letter and I should just ignore it. Then in April I received another letter stating that Salman finds the Rs15 crore overflow agreement to be unacceptable. This, after everything being on paper. We were working together for two years and he never mentioned he had any problem with the ‘overflow’ agreement. What made him suddenly wake up about having a problem with the overflow?”


Galani said, “Salman approached the Cine & TV Artistes Association with the same letter. But as the ‘overflow’ agreement was on paper and secondly Veer showed no profits. CINTAA ruled in my favour. Salman then complained to the Federation Of Western India Cine Association. But I responded saying there was no overflow.”

“I filed a case in the court. The honorable court saw my papers. They called Salman’s representative to court and asked on what basis they had been asking for money and why was a non-cooperation letter issued against me. They had no reply. The court has now ruled in my favour and issued an absolute stay on the non-cooperation letter.”

Galani has stated that the case has caused him a lot of mental trauma and loss of face in Bollywood, therefore he has sued Salman Khan to the tune of Rs.250 crores.

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