Conjoined twins Saba-Farah go on fast for Salman Khan

Salman Khan is a much loved actor, his fans will go to any lengths for their Bhai. After news of his verdict broke on the news channel, it was not only his family and friends who were in a shock. But Bihar’s conjoined twins Saba and Farah too were shocked. They are ‘Rakhi-sisters’ of Salman Khan and have begun a fast to express their solidarity with Him.


Sources said, “Both Saba and Farah refused to eat their lunch after their favourite actor-brother was found guilty and sentenced to five years imprisonment (by a Mumbai court). They are disappointed and shocked over the court’s verdict against Salman Khan.”

Saba and Farah, residents of Samanpura in Patna, developed a bond with Salman Khan, since he helped them fly to Mumbai so that they could fulfill their wish to tie a rakhi on his wrist three years ago. The conjoined twins have been praying to God for their Salman Bhaiyya.

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