Deepika Padukone: Thank God! my dad's not like this

Renowned filmmaker Shoojit Sircar’s upcoming film ‘Piku‘ is as quirky as his hit film ‘Vicky Donor’. Whereas ‘Vicky Donor’ touched on the subject of sperm donation. ‘Piku’, deal with a topic of bowel movement and constipation. It is a story of a relationship between a cranky father and his independent daughter ‘Piku’. Amitabh Bachchan and Deepika Padukone have performed the father daughter duo in a truly touching manner.

The movie is based on a subject close to our hearts. It deals with the unconditional love between the father and daughter. Also makes us rethink about being in touch with our parents, by talking to them about things that we usually keep mum about.


Deepika Padukone plays the role of ‘Piku’, daughter of an attention seeking, cranky father ‘Bhaskar Bannerjee’ played by Amitabh Bachchan. The Diva is quite happy that her real father Prakash Padukone is nothing like her onscreen father. She confessed, ” At every step of doing the film, I would think, ‘Uh! Thank God, my dad’s not like this.’ If I had a father like that in real life, it would be really exhausting. ”

She further added that, “My dad is much younger, fitter, peaceful, calm and grounded unlike Baba and not cranky at all. Bhaskar is completely the opposite. He is childlike and constantly wants attention and wants his daughter to be around him all the time. Not that my dad does not want me to, but he has also given me the freedom to go and grow. And Baba is completely the opposite, the feeling that a daughter has for her parents and the parents have for her is very organic. I could be anybody in the world, but you can never take away the daughter from me. And Amitji has a daughter as well. In real life, he is protective about me and I remember once Jayaji and him telling me how I remind them of Shweta. And that, for me, is a huge compliment.”

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