Deepika’s message on depression post Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade’s suicides is a must read

Actress Deepika Padukone has never shied away from talking about issues that are considered as a stigma in our society. Time and again the actress has been vocal about suffering from depression and has even come up with solutions to support people who are suffering from the same.

After the death of American fashion designer, Kate Spade and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, who committed suicide, the actress’ The Live Love Laugh Foundation posted a very poignant message on depression.

Citing depression as the main reason behind the suicide of these celebrated people, the actress wrote, “Last week the world lost two of its shining stars to the growing epidemic, that is depression. They did not take their own lives DEPRESSION did.” (Also Read: Major fire breaks out at Deepika Padukone’s building in Mumbai)

You can check out Deepika’s poignant message on depression below:

Deepika ended her message by writing, “One act of kindness and compassion can save a life and #TogetherAgainstDepression we can make a difference.”

In a country where depression is not even considered a disease, the actress openly spoke about overcoming depression in an interview in 2015. With an attempt to create awareness on mental health in India, the actress even formed a foundation called The Live Love Laugh Foundation. The actress’ foundation has even teamed with Facebook and Mumbai based mental health NGO, AASRA to reach out and to help people with suicidal tendencies. Her foundation had even started a campaign titled #DobaraPoocho to help people suffering from depression.

Previously, talking about depression in one of her blog for Hindustan Times, the actress had written, ” Please don’t hide it, feel angry, think of yourself as weak, or consider it a character flaw. It is not your fault if you are depressed. Acceptance is the first step on the Road to recovery.”

We are glad that an actress of her stature has come forward to not only create awareness, but also help the people suffering from depression.