Did Mira Rajput accompany Shahid Kapoor to IIFA 2015?

Bollywood Celebrities recently descended on Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the prestigious IIFA awards. Present at the venue was ‘Haider‘ actor Shahid Kapoor too. Shahid is at present very much in news for his wedding that is to tentatively take place on July 10th. We bring a surprising news for his fans.

A little birdie revealed that the charming actor was accompanied at the event with his wife to be Mira Rajput. Mira Rajput accompanied her hot actor fiancé, Shahid Kapoor to IIFA Awards 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The lady was not visible on the Red Carpet, but she was very much with her beau who won the best actor award for ‘Haider’.

Sources said, “Mira was very much there in Malaysia with Shahid. It was kept hush-hush and not many knew that Mira had accompanied him there.”

We are quite sure that this awards must have been extra special for Shahid Kapoor, as his wife to be was present with him to share the joy.