Salman Khan Bajrangi Bhaijaan movie still

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is famous for his charitable deeds. The Dabangg Khan who was shooting for his upcoming film ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ in Kashmir, proved once again why he is loved so much by his fans. The actor helped the populace of a small town, where he was shooting for the Kabir Khan film.

Salman Khan was shooting for a special song at the Ashmuqam Dargah near Pahalgam. In course of the shoot he was also interacting with his fans. During one such interaction he realized that the locals there didn’t have television sets at home. So he donated television sets to them


Sources revealed, “The locals are huge Bollywood buffs and find it very difficult to watch movies as there are no theaters there. When Salman met some of the locals there, he knew that they all wanted TV sets at home, but couldn’t afford them. He immediately got his team working on this. He asked them to get one TV set for each house in the small town. His team got TVs set up in a few houses and are currently working on bringing a TV set to each of the remaining houses.”

Sources further added, “Salman Khan met an old lady who told him about the biting cold and her house not being in proper condition. Salman immediately got the construction people from the local area to start work on the lady’s house. He even gave her grandson a job as a spot boy in the film when she complained about the paucity of jobs. Salman later visited the woman’s house once it was fully made, just to make sure that her problems were sorted.”

No wonder Salman Khan is loved so much by his fans?

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