Emraan Hashmi: Can’t stress about success, failure anymore

Actor Emraan Hashmi says that hits and flops are transient for him when he see small children battling for their illness.

Emraan, who has penned a book about his struggles with his son Ayaan’s cancer treatment, says that life is more than success and failures.

“Hits and flops seem so transient when I saw all those kids battling their illness when Ayaan was in hospital. Children don’t deserve this. With grownups we often badger our bodies, smoke drink and destroy our immunity system.

“But what do children do to deserve this? This question transformed my outlook towards life. I can’t stress about success and failure any more,” he said.

Ayaan is Emraan and his wife Parveen Shahani’s first child. He was diagnosed with first stage cancer at the age of four in early 2014.

Emraan also says that during her son’s struggle with Cancer, work was the actor’s painkiller.

“Work was a painkiller , a numbing agent. For a few minutes in front of the camera I could let go of the pain. For a while I ceased to be father of a seriously ill son,” he said.

Inputs from IANS