EXCLUSIVE: Amrita Rao reveals she kept her affair with RJ Anmol a secret for years, watch video

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RJ Anmol and amrita rao had a dreamy love story, full Bollywood style. The couple met at the radio station for the very first time and eventually fell in love with each other. Anmol and Amrita are happily married today and recently welcomed their first child, a Baby boy, Veer. However, there were speculations that the couple was dating, Anmol and Amrita managed to keep their relationship quite a big secret. In an exclusive interview with us, Amrita Rao opened up about keeping her affair with RJ Anmol a secret, for years.

Speaking on the second season of Bollywood Bubble’s Chemistry 101, Amrita revealed that keeping the affair with Anmol, a secret for years was not difficult. Rao said, “So, it was definitely not easy. Although social media was not there, the pap culture was not there, but it was still, for me, I knew that I was in a place, in an industry where even if one person gets to know, aag lag jaegi.”

The Vivah actress added, “So, together we decided that. Anmol is a very very self-made person. And he did not want anything to take that away from him. He did not want that.”

Amrita continued, “So, we waited till that day. Even when the media got to know about us finally, it was like ‘Amrita Rao is dating RJ Anmol’. We waited till that day. And, I knew that day is gonna happen soon. Because, I met Anmol and I was like ‘He’s gonna go places, he’s made for very very big things’.

Talking about how the news about their relationship broke out, RJ Anmol said, “I remember, a leading newspaper, on the front page, ‘Is Amrita Rao dating RJ Anmol?’ We didn’t react. They got to know because at that time, I was in the hospital with Dengue. She came to see me. I think somewhere from the hospital it got out. We didn’t react to that. But I think, they were hellbent. In three days, again front page, they’ve blasted our photograph, we didn’t react to that.

Amrita added, “Yeah, we didn’t react to that. We actually took out time. And I think, the first time we made a formal announcement was directly when we tied the knot.

Take a look at the full conversation below:

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