EXCLUSIVE: Genelia D’Souza on being a homemaker: ‘It’s more difficult than being a working mother’

Image Source - Instagram

Genelia D’Souza has won hearts with her stellar performance in the movies. She has a massive fan base who love and adore her. Today, Genelia, who is married to actor Riteish Deshmukh is a mom of two. She often shares pictures with her sons Riaan Deshmukh and Rahyl Deshmukh. The actress is a wonderful mom to her two sons. In an exclusive chat with us, Genelia D’Souza was asked about her thoughts on the role of a homemaker is often overlooked. The actress went on and shared her thoughts on the same.

Genelia told Bollywood Bubble, “I feel like it’s easier to be working than to be a homemaker. I feel, it’s just considered that you have to do it often and you have to do it. It’s not like, like if you don’t do it, the house will not go ahead.” The actress said that it is more difficult to be a homemaker than a working mom.

She said, “I just salute all the mums who have given up a lot. Like, you know whether it was a simple thing of having an afternoon nap. They would give it up if the house needed it. Even in that zone, we would think that they have to. They don’t have to do anything, like mums who are homemakers as well.”

Genelia explained herself and said, “Nothing against people who go out there and work, but I feel that atleast you’re doing what you’re doing. Very often a homemaker doesn’t even get that to a large extent. So, I only realized that after being in the house and being a homemaker.

D’souza even opened up about wanting to work. But the actress shared how she feels when she’s headed to work. She said, “Like, today if I leave, not that the house will fall apart, but I’d still feel it would.

Meanwhile, during the interview, Riteish Deshmukh spoke about Genelia and his mom too. The actors even spoke about their kids Riaan and Rahyl, their upbrining and more.

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