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Bollywood celebrities are known for living high-end lives. Their lavishing life is all about glamourous looks, expensive cars and over-the-top treatment. Bollywood celebs certainly have huge demands, and the same is applicable when they are set for work. While many actors have acknowledged the demands they make for their comfort, some people do not resonate with this idea.

Khan recently revealed a shocking Bollywood secret in her first YouTube videos with TV actors Shoaib Ibrahim and Dipika Kakar. 

Farah Khan exposes Bollywood celebs

Farah has often been vocal about her views and perspectives. In a recent video, she revealed that Bollywood celebrities have extreme vanity urges and heavily demand different vanity vans for themselves. She said, “Until the vans don’t come, they don’t act. Nowadays, each actor has about four vans for themselves. One person. One is for their gym, one is for their staff, one is for them, one is… then the food truck comes, that’s separate.” 

Farah Khan went on to say, “Earlier, heroines would change behind trees, we would hold towels for them. I have done it for them. When you go for (outdoor) shoots you’d do it, even in Switzerland they would change behind the bus, use bedsheets to cover. Now the actors don’t budge unless their vans come.”

The filmmaker shared the off-screen requests that are made by celebrities in order to work on the projects. The high-budget movies turn out to be expensive because of such irrelevant demands. 

Watch the clip here

The clip has made rounds on the internet and netizens have various things to say about it. While some spoke in support of actors saying their needs are valid, others have strictly rejected the idea of over-demanding from the directors and producers as it seems baseless and a waste of resources and money to them. 

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