After hoisting placards at IFFI, two FTII alumni were picked up by the police and spent the night inside the lock-up. After being asked to leave the International Film Festival of India, they now have decided to come up with a parallel students’ film festival.

“This festival is another step towards reclaiming our freedom of thought and artistic expression that are under relentless attack currently across the country,” said Vats. “We invite the delegates and filmmakers attending IFFI and film bazaar along with the students, artists, activists, lawyers, journalists and public of Goa to join us for screenings and discussions over the next two days to find out about the concerns and engagements of students of the premiere institution of film education not just in the country but all of Asia.”- a former FTII student stated.


The organizers of IFFI already did away with a section of the festival which was especially meant for student films, therefore cutting short on chances of students’ films being showcased. At the same time, they denied registering over 30 FTII students from FTII; whereas attending film fests comes under the curriculum of the FTII students.

However, Goa Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar stated that protesting at the IFFI wasn’t a right move by the students. “I do not believe that protesting is a matter of their right. We are organising it (IFFI). They could meet the concerned individually, If something wrong or objectionable happens in IFFI, it reflects directly on the functioning of the government. Therefore, they should not be doing this here. Why get into confrontation with the state government without reason?”- Pareskar added.

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