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Actor Gauahar Khan, who is in her pregnancy phase has slammed singer Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey Bieber, over an insensitive joke on fasting during the holy month of Ramadan. Amid Ramadan 2023, a video of Justin and his wife has surfaced on the internet. In the clip, the couple expressed their views on fasting. As Gauahar Khan came across the viral video on Instagram, the actress took to her Instagram and expressed displeasure over the comment on fasting.

Gauahar Khan calls Justin Bieber and wife Hailey ‘DUMB’

Taking to her Instagram stories, the actress re-posted the video of Justin and his wife, speaking with an influencer. Sharing the TikTok video on her Instagram stories, Gauahar Khan wrote, “Just proves how dumb they are. Only if they knew about the science behind it. And the health benefits from it! Get an education @justinbieber @haileybieber.

While Gauahar tagged Justin and Hailey in the post, she told them that it is okay to have an opinion. But, the actress explained how one needs to put forth their opinion, correctly. The actress added further, “It’s ok to have an opinion. Btw! But be intelligent enough to put forth correctly.

Speaking of the video, it was shared by a page named Hijab Modern. In the video, one can hear Justin Bieber and wife Hailey Bieber discussing if there is a need to give up food and water and fast the entire day.

Justin asked a person he was having a conversation with, “What is your idea about fasting?” The person in the video reacted and said, “Oh, like for spiritual reasons.” The Baby singer responds, “Yeah!” The person adds, “I think it’s good. I think it’s a way to let your body know who’s in charge and who’s not in charge. Though, I think, it’s like an exercise to be like, my body spirit and souls are in charge and not my body. I don’t know.”

In his reply, Bieber says, “I guess, maybe. I don’t know. I gotta really think about that. I’ve never really done it. I think our bodies need nutrition to think properly.”

Hailey added, “I believe in fasting off a thing. Like, I think, if you really want to fast off the TV, or fast off of a phone. I think, I believe in that more, than I think fasting off of food. Because, I don’t know. It’s just never really made sense to me, to be honest.

Justin further added, “When you fast food, you’re really depriving your body of nutrition.” To which, his wife said, “Or like, fasting sweets, or like fasting sugar.” The Yummy singer then said, “Fasting’s something that’s not gonna deprive your body of good stuff.” Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, speaking of Gauahar Khan, the actress announced her pregnancy, in an adorable post on Instagram, recently. She is gearing up to welcome her first child, with husband, Zaid Darbar. As it is currently the holy month of Ramadan, Gauahar Khan, who is in her pregnancy phase is not fasting, but is praying on a regular basis. The actress constantly shares hilarious and cute videos, giving a peek into her life.

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