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Ever wondered what happened to those infamous victory rolls inspired by the 1940s pin-up girls? Well, Bollywood may have forgotten those dramatic curls but queen bee Kangana Ranaut just showed us how to rock that spunky hairdo with her latest fashion outings. (Also read: Kangana Ranaut’s love for all things DARK is making us remould our beauty closet.)

We recently spotted Kangana Ranaut at the airport in a high-collared floral blouse that she clubbed with high-waist black culottes. The diva was spotted with her favourite travel accessory— her oversized sunnies that she dons like a boss! She completed the look with strappy black sandals and a chic Lady Dior handbag. We love the fact that she ditched dark lips that could have worked wonders for her glorious hairdo and opted for a pop of subtle peach instead. It made her #OOTD more playful and relatable.



Source: Instagram

For an event at the Bally’s Casino in Sri Lanka, the actress gave us a glimpse of her latest love, those bold victory rolls, again. Styled tastefully by Ami Patel, Kangana chose a Bibhu Mohapatra outfit that screams ‘eccentric’. The ensemble includes a sexy off-shoulder top with geometrical stripes and baggy sleeves. The dark plum floral skirt complements the abstract theme perfectly. She completed the look with metallic red heels from Lanvin and sensuous smokey eyes.


But if you feel that recreating her updo is only a master hairstylist’s job, think again. This simple vintage style is as easy as pie.


What you need for this look

Rat-tail comb/ fine-tooth comb, a curling iron, heavy-duty hairspray and bobby pins.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: First, curl all your hair in sections by using a curling iron. The idea is to basically create a wavy look and do away with straight hair.

Step 2: Part your hair to the side and not directly to the middle, creating two separate sections.

Step 3: Start the teasing process, which adds volume to the hair with the ‘in and out’ motion. Always tease the hair from midshaft to the roots.

Step 4: With the help of a rat-tail comb or simply your fingers, wrap hair inward and upward to form a loose cylinder. Now, pin the victory roll/s down using bobby pins.

Step 5: Follow the same steps on the other side.

Step 6: Finally, spritz the whole look with a heavy-duty hairspray and smooth away flyaways. Hairspray is definitely your friend for this style.

Voila and here is the finished look!