Gul Panag at an event

Actress Gul Panag, who is also a fitness and technology enthusiast, has taken on the co-founder’s role for a mobile app start-up company MobieFit, which centers on health and fitness.

The former beauty queen is happy to bring two of her passions together.


“Technology has become such an integral part of our life. I’m a technology enthusiast and a keen watcher of the tech space. I use apps on my phone all the time, whether it is maps to find directions, edit a photo and so much more,” Gul said in a statement.

“Fitness is another big passion for me, and on social media, everyday, someone will write in and ask me about my take on fitness or to suggest a tip for them. And while an offhand tip can be helpful, to have a consistent app to guide you is so much more,” she said.

MobieFit has been incubated by Prototyze, whose founder is Gourav Jaswal.

Gul, 36, says she is joining Jaswal as they “share a vision of wanting to create apps for regular people to use to create a healthier tomorrow for everyone, that are easy to use and very beneficial”.

Prototyze is currently working in stealth mode on building mobile technology centred businesses in multiple sectors such as financial services, health and fitness, and training and learning.

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