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Annu Kapoor’s film Hamare Baarah has ignited significant controversy, prompting the Supreme Court to issue a stay on its release. On June 13, 2023, the court’s vacation bench labelled the film’s teaser as offensive and temporarily halted its release. The release was initially scheduled for June 14, 2024.

According to Live Law, the Supreme Court announced on June 13 that the screening of Hamare Baarah would be suspended until the Bombay High Court reaches a decision on its release. The film faces accusations of disrespecting the Islamic faith and married Muslim women in India.

Hamare Baarah falls in trouble again; Supreme Court puts the release on hold

A vacation bench comprising Justices Vikram Nath and Sandeep Mehta issued the directive in response to a plea challenging the Bombay High Court’s decision to permit the film’s release. They ordered that the screening of the movie remain suspended until the petition before the High Court is resolved.

Justice Mehta stated, “Today morning we have seen the teaser. It is as such with all those objectionable materials. The teaser is available on YouTube.”

Justice Nath added, “The teaser is so offensive that the High Court had issued an interim order to halt the film’s release.”

The petitioner argued that the trailer misrepresented married Muslim women as lacking independent rights in society. It also allegedly misinterpreted Aayat 223, a verse from the Quran. It was claimed that despite instructions to make changes before the film’s release, the trailer did not include any disclaimer or reference to the certification issued by the CBFC.

More about the legal controversy

On June 27, India Today reported that the HC allowed the release of the movie following the filmmaker’s agreement to remove 2 dialogues. The High Court, in its decision, emphasised the need to balance the equities.

The court also suggested that it might be necessary to watch the film to make a judgment on the arguments. Additionally, it proposed the formation of a committee comprising three members, with at least one member being Muslim, to watch the film and provide their assessment.

Hamare Baarah, starring Annu Kapoor and Parth Samthan among others, is set in Uttar Pradesh. The film narrates a compelling tale about the state’s ever-expanding population.

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