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Rumours about actress Natasa Stankovic and cricketer Hardik Pandya’s separation are circulating on social media after the former actress removed the ‘Pandya’ surname from her Instagram handle. Speculation increased following a Reddit post titled “Natasa and Hardik separated?”, which drew significant attention.

Natasa Stankovic, a Serbian model and actor, married Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya on May 31, 2020. The couple welcomed their first child, Agastya, on July 30, 2020. In March 2024, Natasa faced online bullying due to Hardik’s poor performance in the IPL, with trolls leaving derogatory remarks on her Instagram, blaming her for Mumbai Indians’ poor start in the IPL 2024.

Have Natasa and Hardik separated?

A Redditor noted, “This is just speculation. But both of them aren’t posting each other on stories (Instagram Stories). Earlier, Natasa used to have Natasa Stankovic Pandya on her Instagram, but now she completely removed his name.” The post further mentioned, “Her birthday was on 4th March, and there was no post from Hardik on that day; she also removed all recent posts of her and Hardik except the one where Agastya was with them. Also, she isn’t seen in stands this IPL or post stories regarding the team. While Krunal and Pankhuri still comment on her posts, something is definitely off between both of them.”

The Reddit post sparked varied reactions. One user commented, “Not surprised at all.” Fans have also commented on Natasa’s Instagram pictures. A user said, “Something’s definitely off btw hardik and natasa they aren’t together .she’s not seen anywherre.”

However, some users felt it was too early to speculate. One wrote, “But she hasn’t deleted all the pics with him so as of now I think too early to speculate. With regards to IPL thing I think Hardik must have asked her not to be part of it as she was being trolled anyways just because she is his partner.”

While the rumours persist, neither Hardik Pandya nor Natasa Stankovic has officially commented on their relationship status. The online community remains divided, with some believing the couple might have separated, while others urge caution against drawing conclusions based solely on social media activity.

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