Salman Khan verdict

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan was sentenced to five years imprisonment for his infamous 2002 Hit & Run Case. The actor was convicted by Session court judge DW Deshpande for drunk driving and held him responsible for the death of one of the five victims who came under his SUV’s wheels. No sooner was Salman Khan convicted, he was granted interim bail by the High Court minutes before the court wrapped up all proceedings of the day.


As soon as Salman Khan was convicted, his lawyers applied for an interim bail at the High Court. Though, the actor’s family, close friends and millions of his fans heaved a sigh of relief. Many were surprised at the haste. What makes the bail appeal interesting is that one of the most reputed and expensive lawyers of India – Harish Salve took up the bail proceedings for Salman Khan. Was it fate or prearranged that the lawyer was at the High Court?

Harish Salve appeared before Justice Abhay Thipsay in the Bombay High Court seeking bail for his high profile client – Salman Khan. Salve cited medical reasons for seeking bail for Salman Khan, while arguing that no one can be arrested on the basis of a summarized court order. Another interesting aspect was that Salman’s legal team did not receive the copy of the sessions court order but argued his case at the High Court with just the operative part of the order.

However, a legal expert later said that there has been no illegality in the entire procedure. They believe that Salman may have pre-empted a verdict against him, and might have prepared for the next course of action. And hence it was easier for him to approach the Bombay HC for a bail plea.

Bombay High Court is due to take up Salman Khan’s bail application on Friday.

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