IIFA 2015: Ranveer Singh- Arjun Kapoor take a dig at ‘Bombay Velvet’

Bollywood has descended at Kuala Lumpur for the prestigious IIFA 2015 Awards. The hosts of the show, Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh had a fun time taking everyone to task. From making fun of Aamir Khan‘s stand against the controversial comedy show ‘AIB Roast’, to flirting with Deepika Padukone. The Gunday stars were in their elements and made the Award night quite entertaining.

Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor kicked off their debut act as host’s at the jam-packed Putra stadium in Kuala Lumpur. They apologized for their ‘AIB Roast’ stint. The duo said, “We did something which offended many people. The gig involved us and a very famous director (Karan Johar) . Many people said many things about it and FIR was also lodged against us. Politicians were angry. We are very sorry about ‘Gunday. Hume maaf karna, O Aamir Khan. Hum kabhi nhi lenge Reema Lagoo and Farida Jalal ka naam.”

They even took a jibe at Ranbir Kapoor‘s recent releases ‘Roy‘ and ‘Bombay Velvet‘ .”The film ‘Roy’ should be called ‘Destroy’ and not ‘Roy’. Later the hosts were heard narrating the nursery poem “Johnny Johnny” referring to Ranbir Kapoor’s character name ‘Johnny Balraj’ in the film. They said, “Ranbir should be named Roti in the film because his co-star Anushka was called Rosie and that makes Rosie-Roti. And they both took the Rosie-Roti away from Anurag Kashyap’s pocket.”

Then they made fun of good friend Shahid Kapoor, when they introduced him with these word, “Where is Emraan Hashmi. He must not be visible because he played invisible man in ‘Mr X‘ . And our Shahid Kapoor is ‘Mr Sab ka Ex’.” Ranveer also asked Shahid whether he will call him for his wedding, the ‘Haider‘ star jokingly added, “No”.

So looks like the Gunday duo had a great time hosting the IIFA 2105, their act was enjoyed by all.