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Muzaffar Ali, whose upcoming film “Jaanisar” features newcomers Imran Abbas and Pernia Qureshi, says one of the reasons for choosing Imran as the protagonist was because he seemed a reincarnation of actor Farooque Sheikh.

“The story is about a king and a courtesan. I found the required aspects on her (Pernia) face as well on his (Imran) face. The kind of sensitivity that should be there on such a person, Imran has that. A nice vulnerable face. For me, he is Farooque Sheikh’s reincarnation. And I couldn’t think of any other actor for this character,” said Ali at the the music launch of the film.

Farooque Sheikh was always known for his simple and understated performances in relationship-based films which connected with the audiences.


In a previous interview, Ali had said about Imran that “there’s no boy as good-looking as him in India or Pakistan”.

Imran made his way into the hearts of viewers with numerous serials in Pakistan. When those serials started being telecast on Indian channels, Indians too got acquainted with his simple portrayal in the relationship-based serials. Thus, he got noticed by filmmakers and eventually made his debut in Vikram Bhatt’s “Creature” opposite Bipasha Basu.

The film, set two decades after the 1857 revolt, also marks the debut of fashion designer Pernia.

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