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Actor Imran Khan recently took to Instagram to share a series of photographs offering a sneak peek into his self-designed house. Imran shared glimpses of the new home he’s building in nature on Instagram. He also posted a detailed note about the home’s design, which is built around streams and greenery. The photos showcased a beautiful house under construction, surrounded by nature.

However, a social media user questioned how he financed the house since he hasn’t been active in films for several years. Imran, known for his wit, shut down the troll effectively. The user asked, “From where is he getting money,” to which Imran responded, “I acted in a few movies back in the mid-2000’s.” His witty reply was applauded by other social media users. One commented, “You’re so witty,” while another wrote, “Best reply!”

Imran Khan shares glimpses of his new home

Imran wrote, “I chose the site because it was unique. Uneven, flanked by two seasonal streams, backed right up against the base of a cliff… and facing the sunset. I knew right away that the landscape had to dictate the design of the house.” He added, “The intention was not to build a lavish vacation villa, rather to make something that takes its cues from the landscape. The house isn’t meant to be the view; it’s a shelter from which to admire the view.”

He also described how the sunrise, sunset, and surrounding foliage influenced the house’s design. He wrote, “I spent the first year going to the site at various times to watch the sunrise and sunset, the flow of the streams when it rains, and the changing foliage through the seasons. This gave me a holistic base from which I could revise and rework my sketches.”

“After consulting with my contractor and a structural engineer, I decided to forego concrete slab construction, and instead follow the classic method used to build the houses in the surrounding villages; Stone plinth for the base, single storey brick walls, steel roof beams, and pre-fabricated insulated roofing sheets. That’s it,” added Imran.

He noted that “it took a while, and it’s a bit uneven around the edges,” but added, “it was a joyous process. And ultimately, it cost me less than you would pay for one of the premade villas that I keep seeing advertised throughout the area. I wonder where the markup goes.”

Imran Khan on professional front

Imran made his acting debut with Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na in 2008, alongside Genelia D’Souza. His last release was Katti Batti, co-starring Kangana Ranaut, which did not perform well at the box office. He recently revealed that his comeback, a spy series with Disney+ Hotstar, was cancelled. Currently, he is reviewing scripts to choose his next project.

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