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Actor Imran Khan has been very vocal about his personal life. From talking about his girlfriend Lekha Washington to Avantika, Imran has revealed some unknown and untold situations of his life. Recently, the Luck actor revealed his state of mind after getting separated from his ex-wife Avantika Malik. During an interview with Humans Of Bombay, Imran recalled that when they got separated in 2019, he was at his weakest – both physically and mentally. He wouldn’t do anything and just vegetated.

Imran Khan on his divorce from Avantika Malik

He said, “When I separated in 2019, I was at my weakest—emotionally and physically. I’d say, I would describe it as a husk of a human being. Brushing my teeth and taking a shower was a monumental ask. I didn’t know if I could do that. I couldn’t even get myself out of bed, I would stay in my pyjamas, turn the doorbell off, lock the door and just vegetate.” Moreover, he also revealed that he and Avantika have split custody. So from Thursdays to Sundays, Imaara would be with him.

Imran Khan on Lekha being called a homewrecker

As Imran Khan has moved on with Lekha Washington, many termed her as the homewrecker. Reacting to people’s judgement, the Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na actor told the portal, “There’s this narrative of Lekha being a homewrecker, which infuriates me because not only is it misogynistic but it also takes away my agency as an individual.”

Avantika and Imran got married in 2011 and became parents to a daughter, Imara. However, the separation rumours circulated in 2019. In one of the interviews, Imran Khan confirmed that he had opted for a divorce from Avantika in February 2019.

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