Sri Lankan beauty Jacqueline Fernandez recently wowed her fans with her performance at IIFA 2015. The actress had put up a spectacular performance of her hit songs last night at IIFA, performed live despite a leg injury. Jacqueline was hurt during rehearsals but she brushed it of as a slight pain.

The Diva who had hurt her leg, later realized that she had sprained her left leg. A doctor was summoned who on inspecting asked her to take it easy. He suggested some simpler steps. Jacqueline being a professional insisted on sticking to the same dance routine.


Sources say, ” Jacqueline has been really excited to perform at IIFA, especially since it is being held in Malaysia and being half Malaysian , Jacqueline has a huge fan following there – Despite being advised rest or opting for easier dance steps, Jacqueline insisted on sticking to the original choreography since she didn’t want to disappoint her fans.Jacqueline’s mother and sister too watched her perform live for the first time and she was happy that things went off well”.

Hat’s off to Jacqueline Fernandez for performing even in injury.

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