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There have been a lot of conjectures about Janhvi Kapoor and Shikhar Pahariya. While they have never confirmed their relationship, their public appearances make headlines about their dating. During the recent Diwali party at Manish Malhotra house, Janhvi Kapoor was seen celebrating with her rumoured boyfriend Shikhar Pahariya and fans couldn’t keep calm. Speaking of which, it looks like now Janhvi and Shikhar are dating for real. And we got the proof!

A week ago, Orry shared a party video on social media. In the reel, we get to see stars including Khushi Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan, Suhana Khan and even Shikhar Pahariya. However, in the video, Shikhar was seen dancing with someone else and Janhvi seemed to have gotten jealous about it. She quickly dropped a comment saying, “Who is this Pink girl?” tagging Shikhar. Orry quickly dropped a comment saying, ‘Run’ by tagging Janhvi. Shikhar then cutely replied, “I’m all yours.”

Here’s the proof of Janhvi and Shikhar being the hot deal

Interestingly, the comments have been deleted from the post. But this only hints at their relationship. It looks like Janhvi Kapoor is indeed in a relationship with the rumoured boyfriend Shikhar Pahariya.

They often get into social media banter and this only adds more fuel to the fire. Earlier, when the Mili actor dropped a few pictures of herself in a saree, Shikhar couldn’t get over her look. The rumoured boyfriend of Janhvi Kapoor, Shikhar Pahariya commented, “Wow wow wow (red heart emojis).” In the recent Jio World Plaza launch, Janhvi Kapoor’s father Boney Kapoor was seen posing with Shikhar on the red carpet also hinting to fans about their relationship. Moreover, during Manish’s Diwali party, Arjun Kapoor was seen posing and arriving at the event with him and his brother Veer. Shikhar’s involvement with her family also proves their relationship.

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