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Jason Shah who gained fame through his role in Heeramandi is nowadays in talks because of his personal life. The series Heeramandi became one of the most-watched shows on a streaming platform worldwide. His past relationship with Anusha Dandekar remains a topic of major discussion.

In a recent interview, Shah commented on his past relationships, saying, “The other person didn’t really understand me, and I felt they were trying to make me fit in their box.”

Social media users speculated that he was referring to Dandekar, whom he dated in 2021. She responded on Instagram stories, accusing him of lying. Anusha said, “At this point if you google my name, first it was me trying to fit someone in a box! Lies!…”

Jason Shah reacts to Anusha Dandekar’s ‘Lies’ comment

When asked for his reaction, Shah replied, “Honestly, I don’t want it to go on any further. I don’t want to comment as it gets childish to go back into the past and dig up all those things.”

Jason added that he was misquote. He said, “What happened is someone asked me about Anusha and I had not taken her name or specified anything towards her. I just spoke about my past relationships in general. The way that article came out was me pointing directly at her, which was not my intention at all. As they say, why rustle up feathers?”

Shah also revealed that he has moved on and found love again. “It’s been seven months, and I want to keep it under wraps for now,” he said.

Jason also opened up regarding the public scrutiny of his personal life. He said, “It actually works in my favour in the sense that people are always going to be talking about you. As an actor, you have got to understand that you have now become a public figure. Not a lot of people think about it, they don’t realise they would be scrutinised—whatever they do or say would be torn apart. I might say something really nice, someone will take two words and twist it to get more clicks. I take it with a pinch of salt. If you are going to get upset or angry, choose a desk job where you will fade out behind a desk nine to five. This is the life you choose.”

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