Suraj Pancholi at police station

The CBI has recently questioned actor Suraj Pancholi in connection with actress Jiah Khan’s 2013 suicide case. Suraj Pancholi is son of actor Aditya Pancholi and soon to debut in Salman Khan Films ‘Hero’. He was in a relation ship with the deceased actress Jiah Khan. Jiah was found dead in her flat under mysterious circumstances.

Sources revealed that, “Last year High Court had directed the Jiah Khan case to CBI, after her mother had alleged that Suraj was in relation with the actress and should be probed for the death of her daughter. She has alleged that her daughter’s death was not suicide.”


Sources added, “The High Court has directed the CBI to consider whether this is a case of suicidal or homicidal death. If it comes to a conclusion that it is a homicidal death, then further probe be made to find out who is the perpetrator of the crime and accordingly action be taken.”

The reason behind transferring the case to CBI is that, forensic opinion privately obtained by Jiah Khan’s mother were at variance with those of Mumbai Police.

We shall keep you updated on this matter soon.

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