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John Abraham on award shows: I have zero respect for awards and disrespect them

Bollywood and award shows have a very interesting equation, isn’t it? Over the years we have seen many stars falling out with award shows over one reason or the other. John Abraham is one actor, who has very strong opinions and doesn’t mind airing them in public. Now, John was interacting with the media to promote his upcoming venture ‘Romeo Akbar Walter’.

The ‘Welcome Back‘ was asked about his take on award shows and why doesn’t he attend these functions. John very candidly said, “I don’t respect awards at all. How do you have an award called the best social media award star? I don’t know which awards it was, but I have zero respect for awards. I disrespect awards, and that is why they don’t even ask me for the nominations. Barring the National Awards may be, I totally disrespect the awards. You will all know it also, it’s a laughing stock.”

He further elaborated his point and said, “Still we (stars) go for it (award functions), still we have panmasala brands endorsing the award functions. Imagine where is our credibility has gone today, we (celebs) are standing in front of panmasala banners and endorsing them. That’s a lifestyle choice, if you are choosing to dance at the weddings then definitely you can do this also.”

On social media stars and awards, he went on to add,”There are so many social media stars in the present times. But what have they really done in cinema? Have they done anything that has impacted cinema? The answer would be probably no. I think it is important to let your work to do the talking. It’s very easy for me to stand bare-bodied on social media and keep shooting. I can do 40 different types of exercises and update on social media.”

John Abraham believes in calling spade a spade and kudos to him for speaking his mind. Meanwhile, ‘Romeo Akbar Walter’ is releasing this Friday i.e. April 5. It is an intense war drama and a patriotic film.

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